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What do we do and how do we help you?

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Physical Assessment

We perform an assessment to determine the safest way to achieve your goals and recover from an injury.  Our assessment should reveal your strengths and weaknesses, so that we can provide you with the best treatment plan and exercise program possible.

Treatment Plan

We use a lot of different techniques for pain relief, to help healing, prevent future injury and improve overall health & wellbeing.  Our treatment plan includes how we are going to combine all of our tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Pain Relief

How do we do it?

Neck Mobilization Physiotherapy

Some of our tools

mdkPHYSIO can perform many "hands-on" techniques.  Please keep in mind that none of these are mandatory.  They are tools that we have at our disposal.

  • Active muscle release techniques
  • Muscle energy techniques (like stretching)
  • Joint mobilizations (like wiggling your joint around)
  • Joint manipulations (usually associated with the loud "crack" sound that you hear out of your joint sometimes)
  • Massage
  • Intramuscular stimulation (also known as dry needling)
  • Cupping therapy

Many of these hands-on techniques provide pain relief, especially in the short-term.  In particular cases, they can provide long-lasting relief as well!

If you are given the right exercises, exercise can be pain relieving and empowering.  Knowing that you can manage your own symptoms through exercise can make you independent from medications and other treatments that you can't do on your own. The bonus is that exercise can often prevent an injury from returning.  Your exercises have to be performed correctly and progressed appropriately, and this is where physiotherapy comes in.

When you are in pain, sometimes exercising is the last thing you think of.  There is a time when we avoid exercise... but when it is safe exercise can be a powerful tool.

Sometimes an injury needs to be protected or a joint needs some extra stability; slings, braces and taping may be recommended to do this job.  The extra stability can help improve healing by reducing strain on an area and reduce muscle spasm and pain.

Physiotherapists work together with other healthcare professionals, especially family medicine, sports medicine and physiatry.  There are times when referral is not necessary, but in many cases your recovery depends on a team effort.  mdkPHYSIO takes pride in updating your family doctor and referring to the appropriate providers when necessary.  There are other treatments out there that might be able to help you in combination with physio!

Pain relief from devices like a TENS machine (ex. Dr. Ho) can be beneficial when used at the right time.  mdkPHYSIO has a TENS, EMS (muscle stimulator) and IFC (sort of like TENS but more comfortable) machine that can provide relief to patients in their homes.  These are not treatment modalities that are relied on heavily due to the transient nature of their treatment effects.

Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Prevent Health Issues and Feel Good!


Exercise, the 'Super Medication'

There is nothing out there that can do everything that exercise does and physiotherapists are considered experts in the field of exercise prescription.  We can safely get you exercising, following a program that is built for you.

Strengthen & Be Ready for the Future

Musculoskeletal health (bones, muscles, joints, etc) is a major determinant of quality of life.  The amazing thing about this, is that we can almost always improve musculoskeletal health through exercise!

Physical & Psychological Resiliency

Exercise isn't just about the physical, it is also about the psychological.  Moving can make you feel good; it can be empowering and be a game changer for your mood.  Build both physical and psychological resiliency to everyday life through exercise!

Cardiovascular Health, Breath Easy

Exercise targeting the cardiovascular system (ie. walking) is unbelievably beneficial to all body systems.  You don't need to be a marathon runner!  A baseline level of cardiovascular fitness is required to cross the street, go hiking with your friends, or go grocery shopping.

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