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Running Reset

Calibrate your running.  Get on the right track.

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Are you on the fence about physiotherapy or the running programs?  Mike encourages everyone to reach out and ask questions.  A website can't answer all of the questions and concerns that one might have.  Sometimes it helps to talk to a physiotherapist before making the decision to move forward.

Calibrate Your Running

Dial-in your training with the help of mdkPHYSIO. Receive a monthly training schedule for as long as you want with the expectation that you will eventualy be doing it on your own.

  • Get on Track

    Sometimes runners simply need a push in the right direction.  The intent of this program is to "dial-in" your training program so that you can take things over on your own.

  • Month-to-month

    The commitment is month-to-month, but it is recommended that you stick with us for 4-5 months.  It takes some time and dedication to ensure your program is dialed-in and to develop a foundation.

  • Injury Treatment

    If you are currently injured, the "running reset" is a great way to get back to running while receiving physiotherapy treatment.  Your physiotherapy exercises are integrated into your program.

The "Running Reset"

Coaching doesn't have to be a lifetime commitment.  After treating many runners, Mike has found that education and some guidance for a (relatively) short period of time was all that many needed.  Even very experienced runners make mistakes in training; some runners can go a long time without having a problem and other runners have injuries every year.

Much of what we think about running is often mixed up with marketing and what we see other runners doing.  Mike can provide some clarity surrounding many topics and create a training program consisting of a running schedule and other exercises.  Keep going under Mike's guidance as long as you want, and take control of your own training when you feel ready!

Professional Guidance

Train smart and have the support you need along the way.  Ask the questions you need to ask, to feel confident proceeding on your own.

Training Stairs and Mountains
  • Professional Guidance

    Your training program is developed by Mike, who is a physiotherapist and ultramarathoner with additional training and certifications specific to running.

  • Education

    You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions as you go.  Mike tries very hard to explain the science and logic behind your running program; this helps you to make more informed decisions on your own in the future.

  • Past & Current Injuries

    Injuries are the reason Mike developed his running programs.  He has spent hundreds of hours developing running programs for injured runners, bringing them from zero back to what they were doing. 


An effective running program is balanced with many other variables.  In order to develop the best schedule possible, we have to take it all into consideration.

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  • Current Activity

    Before you start, Mike takes a lot of time to analyze your current activity level.  He tries to figure out your "baseline" and create a program from there.  This is not an easy task to do; many runners present with a variable running history and periods of little-to-no running (particularly after an injury).

  • Health History

    Your past injuries, medical history, medications and social and psychological health & wellbeing can all influence how you begin.  So many variables need to be considered when embarking on your running journey, and Mike tries to take them all into consideration.

  • Scheduling

    Running should enrich other areas of your life.  Proper scheduling can make getting out the door easier and improve your outcomes.  Mike takes your schedule into consideration when forming your running program.

No problem.  You don't need to (and probably shouldn't, at least yet) train like a professional athlete.  When your schedule is packed with things, running is actually an amazing form of exercise.  As long as you have your shoes and appropriate clothing, you can go for a run almost anywhere when the timing is right.  This takes some self-discipline... but you got it!

You are in luck.  Mike is a Registered Physiotherapist and will take all of your injuries (past and present) into consideration.  Every person is unique and Mike can cater the program to meet the needs of every individual.

Mike can not only provide you with an individualized running program, he can also prescribe therapeutic exercise and perform manual techniques to help with pain and mobility issues.

Dedication and discipline are certainly required to make running part of your routine.  It gets easier to do, but the struggle never completely goes away.  Having someone provide a running schedule and monitor your progress can help keep you accountable and motivated.  Mike also has many great strategies to help you get out the door!

Depending on your current and past medical history, medical consultation may be required before you begin training.  This is one great benefit of working with a physiotherapist.  Mike can send notes directly to your medical team to gather the information required so you can safely start running.


Your initial assessment must be in-person.  Follow-up sessions can be virtual or in-person, depending on your needs.

  • Mobile Appointments

    If you live within the mdkPHYSIO Mobile Service Area (see below), in-person appointments are available in the comfort of your own home!

  • Downtown Location

    The downtown location is available to anyone for in-person appointments.  Located at the Petro Fina Building at 736 8 Ave SW #800, Calgary, AB T2P 1H4

Servicing specific communities in Northwest Calgary:

Calgary Communities

Arbour Lake
Rocky Ridge
Royal Oak
Royal Vista
Scenic Acres
Silver Springs

Rocky View County

Service to Bearspaw in Rocky View Country is available, but may require booking at specific times (particularly in the winter).  Please contact prior to booking your appointment.


Are you on the fence about physiotherapy or the running programs?  Mike encourages everyone to reach out and ask questions.  A website can't answer all of the specific questions that one might have.  Sometimes it helps to talk to a physiotherapist before making the decision to move forward.

About Mike

Here is a little bit about Mike and his qualifications.

Michael Kirby, PT
  • Background

    Mike returned to school in 2009 to become a physiotherapist after falling in-love with ultramarathons and trail running. He has competed in many of Alberta's ultramarathons.  He hasn't actually kept a tally, but he believes he has finished at least 18 ultramarathons including Sinister 7 (4 time finisher), Lost Soul Ultra 100 miles (3 time finisher) and Blackfoot Ultra 100km (2 time finisher).  Mike and his wife Christine have 2 amazing young children that keep them very busy. After a 6-year hiatus from the ultrarunning scene, Mike is proud to say he is back after finishing 176km at Ultra Trail Stokely Creek!  His training regime has changed quite substantially since having kids and he calls it "the parenting program."

    Registered Physiotherapist (PT)
    Master of Science in Physical Therapy from University of Alberta (2016/17)

    Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) (with Distinction)
    Graduated from University of Calgary in 2014.

    Relevant Training:
    The Running Clinic - Certified Professional
    UESCA Ultrarunning Coach
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 1
    Mike taken many other courses to enhance his physiotherapy practice.  In some cases the course is not in the context of running, but all of these courses ultimately help him to assist runners.

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