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  • Professional Guidance

    With the help of a physiotherapist, you can have a physical assessment and an individualized treatment plan alongside your running program.

  • Monthly Schedules

    Follow-up either in-person or online for your monthly running schedule developed to help you achieve your goals.

  • Race Planning

    Planning starts from day #1 as your program needs to be developed according to your goals.  Come race day, you will be ready!

Train Smarter

Several studies strongly suggest that training errors get runners injured most of the time.  Training errors are often also the reason that runners cease to improve.

  • Zone-in Your Training

    Many runners run too fast when they are supposed to run slow, and too slow when they are supposed to run fast!  Understanding training intensity is very important.

  • Proper Scheduling

    Intensity, duration and frequency of running and your other activities need to be carefully planned and monitored.  You body will adapt to the mechanical stress it endures; however, a little too much and injuries can develop.

  • Gait

    Gait is an interesting topic.  What can we actually change?  Just because we can measure it, does it mean we should change it? Are their risks to changing your gait? Learn what you need to know about your gait and whether or not you should consider changing it!

  • Physiotherapy

    By having a physiotherapist assess you, develop your program and monitor your performance, you can make informed decisions about your training very quickly.  Both in-person and virtual follow-up appointments are available.

Treatment Options

Receive "hands-on" physiotherapy care and therapeutic exercise along with your running program.


Training Quantification

A good training program systematically progresses the load placed on the body.

Exercise Physiology

Your running program is based off the most current knowledge about how the body adapts to exercise.

Therapeutic Exercise

Learn the right exercises for your injury and/or general wellbeing.  Online access to exercise programs.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on treatment techniques for pain relief.


Intramuscular Stimulation (dry needling) for pain relief.

Cupping Therapy

Commonly used for the relief of muscle-related pain.


Taping techniques used for joint stabilization, improved neuromuscular control and swelling.

Medical Referral

Direct referral and/or communication to family and sports medicine, physiatry, and many other providers.

Online Exercises

Easy online access to exercises including videos and pictures.  Never forget them!

Race / Goal Preparation

Depending on your goal there could be a lot of preparation involved.  Mike has a lot of experience with race planning and factors this into follow-up appointments.

Mountain Runner Hiking
  • Training Specificity

    Training should be specific to what your goal is.  If at all possible Mike tries to blend race day conditions into your training schedule.

  • Prepare Wisely

    There is a lot to consider sometimes.  Here are some of the factors that Mike will consider before a race:

    Race day logistics
    Support crew

About Mike

Here is a little bit about Mike and his qualifications.

Michael Kirby, PT
  • Background

    Mike returned to school in 2009 to become a physiotherapist after falling in-love with ultramarathons and trail running. He has competed in many of Alberta's ultramarathons.  He hasn't actually kept a tally, but he believes he has finished at least 18 ultramarathons including Sinister 7 (4 time finisher), Lost Soul Ultra 100 miles (3 time finisher) and Blackfoot Ultra 100km (2 time finisher).  Mike and his wife Christine have 2 amazing young children that keep them very busy. After a 6-year hiatus from the ultrarunning scene, Mike is proud to say he is back after finishing 176km at Ultra Trail Stokely Creek!  His training regime has changed quite substantially since having kids and he calls it "the parenting program."

    Registered Physiotherapist (PT)
    Master of Science in Physical Therapy from University of Alberta (2016/17)

    Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) (with Distinction)
    Graduated from University of Calgary in 2014.

    Relevant Training:
    The Running Clinic - Certified Professional
    UESCA Ultrarunning Coach
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 1
    Mike taken many other courses to enhance his physiotherapy practice.  In some cases the course is not in the context of running, but all of these courses ultimately help him to assist runners.

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