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Mobile Physio

Running Services


World-class Treatment

High standard of physiotherapy care in the convenience of your home.


Assessment and treatment of injuries of the nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints!

Exercise Therapy

Learn the right exercises for your injury and/or general wellbeing.  Online access to exercise programs.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on treatment techniques for pain relief.


Intramuscular Stimulation (dry needling) for pain relief.


Taping techniques used for joint stabilization, improved neuromuscular control and swelling.

Cupping Therapy

Commonly used for the relief of muscle-related pain.

Medical Referral

Direct referral and/or communication to family and sports medicine, physiatry, and many other providers.


A modality used for pain relief and to help improve muscle awareness, control and strength.

Bringing the Clinic to Your Home

Professional equipment and products.


Physiotherapy Table

Perhaps the most important tool of all...  mdkPHYSIO transports a wide, professional table!  It is durable, comfortable and can handle all physiotherapy procedures that you might receive in the clinic.

Diagnostic & Clinical Tools

All of the tools needed to provide you with an accurate assessment and excellent treatment are with us!

Specialized Products

We have many essential products available for sale in-person.  Other products have been hand-picked and can be found and ordered online through our website.


Online booking, direct billing and treatment without leaving your home.

Online Booking

Book, modify and cancel your appointments online.

Direct Billing

Direct billing to most healthcare insurance plans.

Stay at Home!

There are numerous benefits to both the patient and the physiotherapist to have treatment in your home.

Online Exercise Portal

Your exercises can be provided by email, and can always be accessed through our online portal.

Online Booking
Extended Health Benefits


Assessment and treatment time begins once the appointment is in your home and the physiotherapist is ready to go.  Time bringing the treatment table and other equipment into your home is not included in your appointment time.

We require a space of about 8 feet x 6 feet for the treatment table and for the physiotherapist to work around it.  The treatment can be performed in many different areas of a home, as long as the space is there.

This works fine! You can call or text message Mike at (587) 583-4535, and we can make the appointment times closer together than what you see in the online booking. If you want to reserve your spots, you can book two separate appointments (back-to-back) and contact Mike as soon as possible.

Please note: We are unable to change fees/pricing under any circumstances; physiotherapy fee schedules are regulated by the College of Physiotherapists.

If you have a friend who lives within the service area, Mike will gladly see you at their home if they will open it up for the treatment.

There is an option within the intake form to provide me with a different address.

Physiotherapists can provide many different types of interventions.  You can read more about it in the "How Can We Help You?" section.

You work together with the physiotherapist to decide on a treatment that works best for you.  The physiotherapist will recommend a treatment based on their assessment findings, and their recommendations are individualized to your injury (if you have one) and your goals.

Most appointments include the following, to varying degrees:

  • Physical assessment:  Even after your initial assessment, we have to continue to check things.
  • "Hands-on" care if you are in pain or discomfort and are comfortable with some of our treatment techniques.  
  • Therapeutic exercise:  We almost always have some sort of exercise for you to perform. 
  • Education:  This is a very important part of treatment.  We promote questions and love to provide the most up-to-date answers.
  • Treatment plan:  We need to develop a plan of how we are going to accomplish the task(s) at hand.

Hopefully that gives you a general idea of what is included.  If you have any questions, please contact mdkPHYSIO!

Your physiotherapist has a professional treatment table and an equipment bag with all the tools required to perform the listed services.  

Smaller exercise equipment is usually on-hand at the appointment and is for sale, if you require it.  Larger equipment is brought in if needed and some equipment is available for sale online only.

In general, we prefer to work with the equipment that you already have.  If you are missing something that is essential, we like to have it available!

mdkPHYSIO is a bit biased... but yes!  Besides convenience, providing treatment in someone's home gives the physiotherapist a chance to see their natural environment and any challenges that they may face because of it (ie. ergonomics, stairs, couch).  It is also beneficial to see the space and equipment that people have for exercising.  It makes exercise prescription much more precise!

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