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Running the Sinister 7 2013
About me

Running made me, me.

Running empowered me and took my life in a new and more positive direction.  I have so much to say about why I run and how it has helped me.  Running fueled my passion to become a physiotherapist and gave me a supportive community that inspired me to be my best.

Since 2008 I've completed many of Alberta's ultramarathons and have ran many 100-miler, 100 km and 50 km races.  Running has without a doubt made me who I am today.    After finishing my first ultramarathon my life went in a new direction.  I'm so grateful for crossing the finish line that day.


A website dedicated to running:  Trail running and ultramarathons are a big driver behind my decision to become a physiotherapist.  I love running and have dedicated an entire site to it, which includes more information about me and many resources for runners.

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Registered Physiotherapist (PT)

Master of Science in Physical Therapy from University of Alberta (2016/17)

Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin)

Graduated from University of Calgary in 2014.

Running to science...

Savage would be a good word to describe my original methods.  Science was not on my radar, I just went out and ran without researching a thing.  This worked for a while but eventually I suffered through many races more than I should have because of poor nutrition, pacing and training habits.

Science streamlined my efforts and when it worked, it made me thirsty for more.  It took me nearly 7 years to become a Registered Physiotherapist and every step of the way I asked myself "how could this help a runner?"  Don't get me wrong, I still think a lot of savagery is necessary...

Race Highlights

To me, running is about competing with yourself and the battle within.  Ultras have taught me so much about myself.  They have given me advice that I transfer to every day life.  These are some of my most successful results; however, these wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the races that went sub-par or the few DNFs.  Every race teaches me something; I just have to be ready to listen to it.  It may be cliché to say my best races are when I have "ran my own race" but it is true.  I love ultras because they force me to be in-tune with my body and mind.  The races where I've ignored those things have gone the worst.

  • Sinister 7 100-miler (2014)

    22:36:04 - 6th overall

  • Alberta Ultramarathon Series (2013)

    2nd place male (35 & under age category)

  • Alberta Ultramarathon Series (2013)

    Triple Finisher - Recognizes athletes who ran a total of 385-km or greater in 3 races.

  • Lost Soul 100-miler (2013)

    24:09:14 - 3rd overall

  • Sinister 7 146k (2011)

    18:54:07 - 6th overall

  • Blackfoot Ultra 100k (2011)

    10:15:20 - 4th overall

  • Alberta Ultramarathon Series (2009)

    2nd place male (35 & under age category)

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