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Just because we can measure it doesn't make it important.  Address the metrics that matter.

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Gait Analysis

A hot topic.  Do you need it?

  • Driven by technology for research

    Gait analysis technology has come leaps and bounds.  A lot of the technology comes from research, where measurements need to be valid, precise and reliable.  

  • Not always practical

    To prove something scientifically, precision, validity and reliability are very important; this doesn't always make it practical.  There is research that suggests many components of gait can be reliably interpreted with a skilled set of eyes!  There are some components of gait that should never be visually interpreted due to poor reliability.

  • We can measure a lot of things but do they matter?

    That is the question researchers are trying to address.  What components of gait lead to injury?  The jury is still out on a lot of things.

  • Adaptability

    You will see a lot of variability in gait.  The prevalence of many injuries is the same with people have and don't have many biomechanical "issues" that have been blamed for particular problems. Do we just adapt our own mechanics?  It seems like we can but we definitely have to look at things on a case-by-case basis. The most important thing is to make sure that we are progressing running programs appropriately in order to give our body a chance to adapt.  It certainly seems like there are factors that make it more likely that we can get injured, but it is not definite.

  • Can you actually change gait?

    It depends on the context.  Injuries often result in an altered gait pattern which can usually be changed.  Your normal gait pattern may be adaptable, but there are certain variables that are "high risk" and "low risk."  Careful guidance is critical.  Thinking about running differently isn't a good solution most of the time.

  • There needs to be purpose

    If you get a gait analysis there needs to be purpose behind it.  Fixing something that isn't a problem is not always a good idea.  You have to ask yourself: why are you fixing it?  There are a lot of assumptions about gait that have yet to be scientifically proven to be problematic.  Sometimes there is research saying that it isn't actually a problem.  So while we can say that you are different than average, does it actually mean it is a problem?

  • How can I change my gait?

    Some aspects of your gait may be altered by simply changing the mobility of your joints through specific exercises.  Many of these factors can be identified during a physiotherapy appointment. To change things we need to keep it simple and think about it on a scale of "low risk" to "high risk."  Making a change to your running always involves a risk because it can alter the force distribution through your bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.  If the structures involved are not adapted to the load you are placing on it, the change may result in injury.

    Sometimes changing your gait is as simple as increasing your cadence / stride rate!  Well... that is actually a challenge to do but it is easier to do than many other aspects of gait.

Fees & Services

Our fees are very similar, if not identical to many physiotherapy clinics.

Mobile Physiotherapy Initial Assessment

Duration: 60 minutes.  The initial assessment provides us with the much needed time to assess and develop a treatment plan for any new issue.  If you have not been seen before for this particular problem, then this is how we get started.

Mobile Physiotherapy Treatment

Duration: 30 minutes.  This is for follow-up appointments, after we have performed the initial assessment.

Mobile Physiotherapy Re-assessment

Duration:  45 minutes.  This option is if you have been seen for this issue before, but it has been over 1-year.  Some extra-time is needed to re-assess the issue.

Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment

Duration:  60 minutes.  Physiotherapy assessment delivered online on a secure telehealth videoconferencing platform.

Virtual Physiotherapy Treatment

Duration:  30 minutes.  Physiotherapy treatment delivered online on a secure telehealth videoconferencing platform.

Currently not accepting

Currently not accepting:  ACTIVE Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) OR Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) Patients.

Alberta Health Services Post-op & Low-income

mdkPHYSIO does not have a contract with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide physiotherapy. Patient's seeking care under AHS funding (ie. post-operation treatment) are unable to use their appointments through mdkPHYSIO.


Assessment and treatment time begins once the appointment is in your home and the physiotherapist is ready to go.  Time bringing the treatment table and other equipment into your home is not included in your appointment time.

We require a space of about 8 feet x 6 feet for the treatment table and for the physiotherapist to work around it.  The treatment can be performed in many different areas of a home, as long as the space is there.

This works fine! You can call or text message Mike at (587) 583-4535, and we can make the appointment times closer together than what you see in the online booking. If you want to reserve your spots, you can book two separate appointments (back-to-back) and contact Mike as soon as possible.

Please note: We are unable to change fees/pricing under any circumstances; physiotherapy fee schedules are regulated by the College of Physiotherapists.

If you have a friend who lives within the service area, Mike will gladly see you at their home if they will open it up for the treatment.

There is an option within the intake form to provide me with a different address.

Physiotherapists can provide many different types of interventions.  You can read more about it in the "How Can We Help You?" section.

You work together with the physiotherapist to decide on a treatment that works best for you.  The physiotherapist will recommend a treatment based on their assessment findings, and their recommendations are individualized to your injury (if you have one) and your goals.

Most appointments include the following, to varying degrees:

  • Physical assessment:  Even after your initial assessment, we have to continue to check things.
  • "Hands-on" care if you are in pain or discomfort and are comfortable with some of our treatment techniques.  
  • Therapeutic exercise:  We almost always have some sort of exercise for you to perform. 
  • Education:  This is a very important part of treatment.  We promote questions and love to provide the most up-to-date answers.
  • Treatment plan:  We need to develop a plan of how we are going to accomplish the task(s) at hand.

Hopefully that gives you a general idea of what is included.  If you have any questions, please contact mdkPHYSIO!

Your physiotherapist has a professional treatment table and an equipment bag with all the tools required to perform the listed services.  

Smaller exercise equipment is usually on-hand at the appointment and is for sale, if you require it.  Larger equipment is brought in if needed and some equipment is available for sale online only.

In general, we prefer to work with the equipment that you already have.  If you are missing something that is essential, we like to have it available!

mdkPHYSIO is a bit biased... but yes!  Besides convenience, providing treatment in someone's home gives the physiotherapist a chance to see their natural environment and any challenges that they may face because of it (ie. ergonomics, stairs, couch).  It is also beneficial to see the space and equipment that people have for exercising.  It makes exercise prescription much more precise!

Service Area

Providing mobile physiotherapy services to specific communities in Northwest Calgary.

mdkPHYSIO Service Area Calgary

Calgary Communities

Arbor Lake



Rocky Ridge

Royal Oak

Royal Vista

Scenic Acres

Silver Springs


Rockyview County

Service to Bearspaw in Rockyview County is available, but may require booking at specific times (particularly in the winter).  Please contact prior to booking your appointment.

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