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Chin Tuck with Head Lift

The “chin tuck with head lift” exercise is an exercise that is intended to strengthen all of your neck flexors.  Since the deep neck flexors tend to be weak and inhibited, extra emphasis is placed on the proper cuing of these muscles during this exercise.

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Deep Neck Flexor Activation Featured Image

Deep Neck Flexor Activation

This is a foundational exercise.  The deep neck flexors are like the “core” of your neck and understanding how to activate them is critical to many other exercises.

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Neck Muscle Release with Hook Featured Image

Posterior Neck Release with Hook

In this exercise we use a Shepherd’s hook to massage and/or stretch the muscles of the back of the neck and upper back.  This can work well to isolate particular muscles and knots/trigger points in the back of the neck that are causing discomfort.

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Repeated neck extensions featured image

Repeated Neck Extension

This exercise is intended to facilitate neck extension (looking up towards the ceiling) by using a strap or something similar.   The strap supports your neck and helps you to move farther without discomfort.

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