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side plank

Side Plank

This video demonstrates the full side plank.  If this is too difficult for you, the modified side plank is a very good way to build your strength and coordination in order to do this version.

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modified side plank

Modified Side Plank

This video demonstrates the modified side plank, which is a great way to progress towards the full side plank.  This is a great way to strengthen the more lateral / outside muscle groups of your core and back.

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Posterior Pelvic Tilt Exercise Series

Posterior Pelvic Tilt Series

This video series demonstrates a valuable set of core exercises, often prescribed to patients with low back pain but may be recommended for many other reasons.  Mastering these exercises will help you with many other exercises on this website.  There is usually no going wrong when strengthening your core!  Most people, whether they are attending physiotherapy or not, could benefit from some extra core strength.

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Standing Hip Flexor Stretch Image

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

This video demonstrates the standing hip flexor stretch.  In general, the hip flexors are a muscle group that is over-shortened, most often from sitting all day!  This stretch looks easy, but there is a trick to it that you need to do to ensure you get the right stretch.

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