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Physiotherapy.  Running rehabiitation.

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Is physiotherapy for Me?

Sometimes it helps to know more about physiotherapy before taking the jump to book a treatment.  Please feel free to contact mdkPHYSIO.  No-obligation consultations are available. You can talk with  a physiotherapist over the phone or through video conferencing.

mdkPHYSIO Downtown

One-on-one physiotherapy

Boysen Petro Fina

#800 736 – 8th Ave SW Calgary AB, T2P 1H4


Offering standard physiotherapy services, treatment for runners and physiotherapist guided running programs.


Short Term Parking (see map below): Calgary Parking Authority has several locations surrounding the Petro Fina Building for short-term parking.
C-Train: mdkPHYSIO is VERY close to the C-Train line. It is a 1-block walk.
Long-term parking: Several long-term parking lots are available. nearby. The U of C parking lots are possibly the cheapest and are 2-blocks away.
mdkPHYSIO Parking Map
2-hour parking zones

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Physiotherapy Services

High standard of physiotherapy care.


Assessment and treatment of injuries of the nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints!

Exercise Therapy

Learn the right exercises for your injury and/or general wellbeing.  Online access to exercise programs.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on treatment techniques for pain relief.


Intramuscular Stimulation (dry needling) for pain relief.


Taping techniques used for joint stabilization, improved neuromuscular control and swelling.

Medical Referral

Direct referral and/or communication to family and sports medicine, physiatry, and many other providers.

Physiotherapist Guided Running Programs

Using his knowledge as a physiotherapist, Mike is able to work with runners on a different level.  

  • Professional Guidance

    With the help of a physiotherapist, you can have a physical assessment and an individualized treatment plan alongside your running program.

  • Monthly Schedules

    Follow-up either in-person or online for your monthly running schedule developed to help you achieve your goals.

  • Race Planning

    Planning starts from day #1 as your program needs to be developed according to your goals.  Come race day, you will be ready!

Many running-related injuries can be prevented by following an individualized training program.  To make something individualized, many different variables have to be considered and having a comprehensive assessment is important. 

As a physiotherapist, Mike can provide supplementary exercise programs that are particular to you.

During training, it is very common to have some small aches and pains.  While some of these may be benign, working closely with a physiotherapist can help you to decipher them and act appropriately.

Your current and past medical history is reviewed prior to commencing.  If required, Mike can reach out to your medical providers and refer to various doctors to ensure it is safe for you to run.

If you are injured, Mike can perform a physical assessment, provide treatment and modify your running program.  If referral is necessary, Mike is one fax away from having you connected with a physician (ex. Sports Medicine).

To provide the best care, Mike has to be intimately involved in running schedules.  An estimated >80% of running injuries are a result of errors in training.  Once injured, training variables need to be closely monitored and adapted to make sure rehabilitation is optimal and the runner comes back strong.

Mike can also perform many "hands-on" treatment techniques to help with pain relief and function during your recovery.  He performes manual therapy techniques, IMS and much more!

Cardiovascular exercise has positive effects on all systems of the body.  It can be an amazing way to improve your health and resiliency to the hardships of life.  Running can be a phenomenal way to get cardiovascular exercise.  Even if you don't start out running (maybe you are walking), the health benefits can be immense. 

Often times runners need to be referred to other healthcare providers (ex. Sports Medicine).  Physiotherapists can refer directly to several other healthcare providers.

This website is all about running, but what about other forms of cardiovascular exercise and fitness?

We are not biased (well... maybe a little) to running in any way.  Many running programs have a cross training component.  If there are other forms of physical activity that you are interested in, they can be integrated into your running plan.

Fee Schedule

Standard Physiotherapy Services

Downtown Location

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment - Downtown Location

Duration: 60 minutes.  The initial assessment provides us with the much needed time to assess and develop a treatment plan for any new issue.  If you have not been seen before for this particular problem, then this is how we get started.

Physiotherapy Treatment - Downtown Location

Duration: 30 minutes.  This is for follow-up appointments, after we have performed the initial assessment.

Physiotherapy Re-assessment - Downtown Location

Duration:  45 minutes.  This option is if you have been seen for this issue before, but it has been over 1-year.  Some extra-time is needed to re-assess the issue.

Currently not accepting

Currently not accepting:  ACTIVE Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) OR Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) Patients.

Alberta Health Services Post-op & Low-income

mdkPHYSIO does not have a contract with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide physiotherapy. Patient's seeking care under AHS funding (ie. post-operation treatment) are unable to use their appointments through mdkPHYSIO.


Running Rehab
(Standard Physiotherapy with Running Program)

Downtown Location

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment - Downtown Location with Running Program

Duration: 60 minutes.  This is an in-person assessment that provides us with the much needed time to be thorough and get you started on an effective running program. This is required to get started on your running program.

Physiotherapy Treatment - Downtown Location with Running Program

Duration: 30 minutes. This is an in-person treatment that includes your running program plus in-person care. This appointment type would only be done once per month to receive your next training schedule.

Virtual Physiotherapy Treatment with Running Program

Duration:  15-30 minutes.  This is a virtual appointment that is done via a secure telehealth platform. This appointment type would only be done once per month to receive your next month's training schedule.  The primary focus of this appointment is to deliver your next month's training schedule.  If you have any concerns, this is your chance to have an in-depth conversation with Mike.  When needed, Mike is able to provide various exercises online and even provide insight to any aches and pains you may be having.  Appointment times can vary depending on your needs.  If everything is going fine, sometimes there isn't much to change!

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