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Precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Precautions

The precautions are simple and mdkPHYSIO takes them seriously.  These precautions not only help us from spreading COVID-19, but they reduce the risk of getting sick in general.

  • Your Physiotherapist is Fully Vaccinated

    mdkPHYSIO is proud to be fully vaccinated.

  • Masks are Mandatory

    Masks must be worn by the physiotherapist, the patient, and anyone else in the treatment area.  These same masking precautions would also apply if you were in a physiotherapy clinic.

    Physiotherapy is close contact and masks are a simple way to protect you, our children, and other patients.  If you don't have a mask, one can be provided.

  • COVID-19 Screening is Mandatory

    Before every appointment we have to perform a COVID-19 screening.  This is automatically sent to you via email.

  • Sanitization

    Hands and equipment is washed and sanitized according to best practice standards.  

  • Close Contact & Illness

    If you have been in close contact with a known positive COVID-19 case or have a cough, running nose,

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